On Set with Terri Vaughn & Lil Zane

Diary of a DOP: sometimes working with celebrities is tasking as some can be divas on set but these stars right here were amazing and down to earth. From watching you both on the screen of Dr Dolittle and Steve Harvey Show, to working with you on the set of cultural clash, you both are passionate, hardworking and able to play your roles perfectly to a natural state.

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Filming with Evander Holyfield

Diary of a DOP: Legends are made through hard work, passion and dedication. When you meet a legend, you stand in admiration of the struggle it took to build a name. People celebrate the glory but don’t wanna know the story. Met Evander Holyfield; four time champion and a man known for his great skills and epic battle in defeating Mike Tyson. He was humble and I decided at least I could fight him with the camera if not my fist. 🙂

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Filming with Lisa Raye

Diary of a DOP: on set of Jim Iyke’s movie “Caller 25” with famous Lisa Raye. Always admired her acting from Players Club, Single Ladies, the Real McCoy, etc and it was great working with her in person. She is passionate and takes her work very seriously no matter the challenge.

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Cultural Clash Movie in Nigerian Cinemas on August 9, 2019

Nationwide cinemas will be releasing the amazing international blockbuster award winning movie to the Nigerian screen. Don't miss it!

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