Diary of a DOP

On Set with Terri Vaughn & Lil Zane

Diary of a DOP: sometimes working with celebrities is tasking as some can be divas on set but these stars right here were amazing and down to earth. From watching you both on the screen of Dr Dolittle and Steve Harvey Show, to working with you on the set of cultural clash, you both are passionate, hardworking and able to play your roles perfectly to a natural state.


These two were patient, helpful and inspirational with their encouragement and advice for me on set in my very first feature film… They understood the pains and hassle of making a movie and adapted well with stars from other countries to make the movie a success. So a shout out to @lilzane and @terrijvaughn for coming through in cultural clash… Lil Zane, you played the role of Big Fred just as I imagined you would kill it and Terri, your gentility and straightforwardness reminds me of the character you portrayed. Looking forward to do more projects together.

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