Diary of a DOP

Diary of a DOP: on set with Prof Wole Soyinka

Diary of a DOP: on set with Prof Wole Soyinka, the man who motivated us as Nigerian children to read and have the power of words. I remember reading “The Lion and the Jewel” and was intrigued by the story of Sidi and Lakunle, a couple so in love but culture and traditions and logic made Sidi choose the Baroka. That was when I knew the power of Prof Soyinka’s mind in creating an unpredictable ending in his story that could be controversial.
So it was a pleasure to meet him in person and to have the honor of setting my camera on him. Legendary men whose sweat make others motivated and that’s why a good name is better than great riches which leaves me to say what will you be remembered for? Leave a mark that makes you special and others will remember and be motivated by.

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